Vendor Hours from 10 am to 9 pm

 Fair hours ending at 11

    Large Stage by Roosevelt


                    Friday            Saturday        

1:00-2:30    SoulQuest            Michael L. Ferguson     
3:00-4:30    COD                    APB 
5:00-8:00    Remedy               Full Speed Ahead
8:30-10:30  Mega 80s             Steve king and the                                                      Dittilies   

Small Stage by Southfield       

              Friday             Saturday
1:00-2   Sandy's Solo      Brown Mountain 

             Sounds              Apes
2:30-4    Major Dudes      Telephon9 
4:30-6   Bernadette         My Friday Night

             Kathryn & the

             Lonely Days

6:30-8   Downriver Dan    Audio Band
8:30-10  Nina and the      Danny Albani

             Buffalo Riders    

Entertainment Schedule

Friday August 5th and Saturday August 6th

Become a sponsor of the Allen Park Street Fair!
All donated resources that are profited from the fair goes back into the city to enhance, repair and continue to make improvements to help beautify and improve on the safety of the community.

Sponsor Information

For more information call: 1 (734) 258-7720

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Allen Park Street Fair

First weekend in August every year

AP Street Fair Contact Number:

1 (734) 258-7720