Allen Park Street Fair
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Crafter Event Information

All crafters must apply via ZAPP. Visit ZAPP FAQs for more information

Artistic Standard
In keeping with the Allen Park Fair’s long-standing reputation for high quality crafts and great live music, we will continue to be paying particular attention to selecting quality, original handmade items. Accepted mediums include: candles, ceramics, clothing, digital art, drawing, fiber, floral, glass, items for pets, jewelry, metal, painting, photography, pottery, printmaking, sculpture, specialty food and wood.

Show Dates & Hours:
Friday, August 7th from 10 am to 9 pm
Saturday, August 8th from 10 am to 9 pm
Rain or shine.

Jury Fee:
$30 non-refundable Jury Fee due with application and must be paid online through ZAPP. Application will not be processed until payment is received.

Jury Process:
The jury panel is comprised of a three person panel with a diverse background and skill set, including working artists and members of the arts community at large. The first round of jurying will occur in February 2020 (applications become available Nov 1st, 2019). A second round will occur in April 2020.

Four (4) images of the artwork plus one (1) of the booth must be submitted with the application. At least one (1) photo must show the item in process to demonstrate that it is handmade. Applications that do not include a photo of the work in progress will be marked incomplete. The show organizers reserve the right to use one or more of these images for marketing purposes, including social media and brochures.

Acceptance Process:
Those artists selected to participate through the February jury process will be notified by email and through by March 2020. 

Those artists selected to participate through the April jury process will be notified by email and through by May 2020.

If an artist does not submit payment by the required date, it will result in reversal of the invitation and permit the invitation of an alternate artist on the waiting list.

Artists who would like to retain their 2020 space should apply by the February Jury Date.

If paying by check it should be made out to the Allen Park Street Fair and sent to PO Box 70, Allen Park, MI 48101.

Returning vendors who recommend a new vendor (who is accepted by the jury and attends the fair) will receive a $20 gift card at registration. To be eligible for the gift card, the new vendor must include the name of the vendor that recommended them in their Zapplication.

Prizes will be awarded:
"Best in Show" - $300
"Second Place - $200
"Third Place" - $100

Artist Attendance:
Photo ID will be required upon check-in. The person listed on the application or their spouse must be the person that checks in unless prior arrangements have been made.
Set Up & Registration:
Registration will be available at the Allen Park Community Center at 15800 White on Thursday from 5:00 pm to 8 pm and Friday from 7 am to 9:30 am. 
Set up will begin at exactly 5 pm Thursday evening. Vendors will need to be checked in before they can set up. All vehicles must be removed from the street by Friday morning at 9 am.

Sales Tax:
Artists are responsible for collecting, reporting and submitting the sales tax of 6% to the State of Michigan.
Booth Space:
Booth spaces are 10’  x 10’ on pavement either in the middle of Allen Road or on the sidewalk along Allen Road.

Artists are required to provide their own tent for set up as well as necessary racks, tables, and fixtures for their display. Tents are required to be weighted on all corners.
All trash and debris must be removed from the artist's area before exiting the fair area. We ask that the artists please leave the area in the same, if not better condition, than when the artists arrived.
Show Weather:
The Allen Park Street Fair will take place rain or shine, so artists must be prepared for inclement weather.
Overnight security will be present Thursday and Friday night as well as throughout the show. It is not recommended artists leave valuable property in their booth overnight. Artists are responsible for the loss or damage to any property left in the venue.

All artwork must be the original, handcrafted work of the displaying artist.
Buy/Sell vendors are strictly prohibited. Artwork will not be permitted if it is created from non-artist made molds, kits or other commercial methods. Artwork produced in studios involved in volume production will not be permitted, nor will work that is mass-produced or ready-made items (clothing, furniture, etc.) with artistic embellishments. 
Artists may display artwork only in the categories in which they were accepted. All artwork displayed in the booth must be comparable to artwork shown in images. Ineligible work will be removed from the festival. 
Vendors may not sell or give space to another artist.  Space may be shared only if so requested when application is returned.
Booth areas are to look professional at all times.
If you must leave the fair due to an emergency, please notify the AP Festivities Commission.
A booth sign with artist name and booth number will be provided at registration. This sign must be prominently displayed on the front of your booth during the entirety of the show.

10' x 10' Booth Spaces Available:

Single Center: $175
Single Sidewalk: $200
Specialty Food (edible at the fair): $300
Double Center: $325
Double Center End: $375
Double Sidewalk: $375
Electricity for Sidewalk Space: $40


Legal Agreement

I, as a participant in the Allen Park Street Fair, acknowledge the terms and conditions established by the Allen Park Festivities Commission and agree to abide by those terms as well as all codes and regulations set by the federal, state, city and municipal governments.  I acknowledge and accept liability, responsibility, and control for all products that are sold by me in the Allen Park Street Fair and for all activities conducted by me in conjunction with the Allen Park Street Fair.  By this agreement, I also agree to hold the City of Allen Park and/or the Allen Park Festivities Commission harmless and indemnify the City of Allen Park and/or the Allen Park Festivities Commission for any liability or loss which might result from my participation in the Allen Park Street Fair.

I understand failure to comply with the rules will jeopardize my participation in future fairs.